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Many parents and guardians understand the importance of good dental hygiene, but navigating the best practices for their children’s developing teeth can be complex. This guide offers practical tips to help you establish a strong foundation for your child’s oral health as they transition into adolescence.
  1. Brush Buddies: Make Brushing Time Fun Time.

Brushing twice a day can be a task, but not with a little creativity! Choose a colourful, child-sized toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character. Play a 2-minute timer with their favorite song to ensure a thorough cleaning. Let them choose a flavored toothpaste suitable for their age (fluoride-free for under 3, pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste for 3 and over).

  1. Flossing Fun: Turn Flossing into a Game!

Flossing might seem tricky, but it’s crucial for removing plaque between teeth. Get them excited with colorful floss picks or flavored floss. Make a game of it by pretending to be floss detectives, searching for hidden food particles!

  1. Hydration: Water is the Best Friend of Healthy Teeth!

Sugary drinks are one of the major causes of cavities. Make water the go-to beverage by offering fun, reusable water when at home or in school.

  1. Diet: Outsmart Sugary Snacks!

Reducing sugary snacks is key. Instead of sugary snacks, offer healthy alternatives like fruits and vegetables.

  1. Regular Checkups at The Dentists

Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings starting from a young age. This gets your child comfortable with the dentist and ensures early detection of any potential problems.

If you have any concerns about your children’s Dental Health, kindly book an appointment, or visit a Dentist at Blanche Dental Clinic.

Blanche Dental Clinic is an award-winning Dental Clinic and offers services in Paediatric Dentistry. Simply visit any of the locations listed below:

  1. 2b Adebisi Popoola Crescent, off Victoria Arobieke Street, Eti-Osa, Lekki 105102, Lagos.
  2. Suite K182, Road 5, Ikota Shopping Complex, V.G.C, Eti-Osa, Lekki 105102, Lagos.
  3. 7 Joseph Street, Opebi, Ikeja 100281, Lagos.
  4. 84 Kwame Nkrumah Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja. 
Locations of Blanche Dental Clinics in Lagos Nigeria

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